Sunday, 18 February 2007

If you google me youll see where I'm coming from.My 30+books over 40 years say all of it or most.At 65 I decided to spend the rest of my life doing what I'm best at e.g.being a royal pain in the arse to the corrupt and power mad who run and ruin mental health in Camden and Islington.How did they get there?What are their qualifications? (not many and worth nowt in my
Yorkshire book...) They want foundation status and bugger the patients and carers views.They plan to cut a quarter of north Camden mental health teams,turn West Hampstead Day Hospital into a "transitional centre"(jargon that is yet to enter the annals of jargon)and close Daleham Gardens ("the dirtiest hospital in the UK"-Healthcare Commission)and then turn the building into a crisis centre.I DO NOT ACCEPT THE CRISIS TEAM MODEL ,I believe in day hospital care,sufficient beds and doctors,NOT nurses and ots making critical decisions. As a carer at the hard end since the 80's I want to see my views and those of other carers and all patients acted on by managers,not listened too and ignored.
nored.I want to see reconfiguration in 2008.


chicagopoetry said...

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Anonymous said...

Depression is hard to treat mainly because what seem like symptoms of depression are often the symptoms of something else. It can be hard to tell if the depression is situational or if it really is clinical. In a situational case the treatment can be easy such as changing the situation itself, but with clinical depression it can be a number of things. Things like a childhood trauma, a social problem loneliness, substance abuse, genetics, a health problems that is very troublesome or a more recent traumatic happening.

Ujiva Nelson said...

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